A mental illness is:

- A health condition that can affect our inner and outer selves - Curable - Not a person’s choice - Serious - Not a joke

Mental illness is caused by:

 - Chemical imbalances  - Environment - Traumatic events - Birth trauma - Genetics - Other unknowns 

Mental illness can be made less severe with:

 - Therapy - Medication - Love - Patience - Life coaching 

Sings of mental illness include: 

- Suicide attempts - Self injury (cutting, burning, hair pulling, etc) - Causing harm to others - Emotional outbursts - Coping problems - Withdrawing from life and people (isolation) - Substance abuse - Hallucinations - Unhealthy eating habits - Delusions

 Mental illness can appear in:
- Males - Females - Gender queer - Children - Teens - Adults - Elderly - Anyone 

Learning about mental illness is important, because: 

- Knowledge is the first key to a better world - You can be more aware of the health of those around you - You can help people - You know the signs of someone in need - You can make a difference 

Some mental health facts are:

- It is okay to struggle with mental illness - Getting better is possible - A lot of people suffer from mental illness - Little steps can make a big impact on your mental health - Suicide isn’t the only way out - Understanding is the key to helping - Pushing people to get better can have a reverse affect