“Staying strong and not giving up” In general that is a rather tough topic because everyone is different so I guess I am just going to try to discuss the main things and kind of pull from that, one of the biggest things to me is curiosity. You know, we got through all of this struggle and pain , but it cant be for nothing and we will never know what the reason is if we give up and our life will basically have been pointless. Imagen walking sevnty miles to see someone important, not knowing who it is, but that they are important, within those seventy miles you are going to hurt, youre going to consider giving up, youre gonna take breaks, youre going to start questioning whether there is even a point in walking. Youre going to have doubts and want to quit, but if you quit you will never know who you were walking to, The distance you made it will have been pointless. You may have built up your strength and stamina, but if you quit walking what good does that do you? The same thing applies in life. If you give up and commit suicide, all the pain and built up strength was for nothing. You will never know the reason you were “walking” this path. One other strong reason is others. It may be true that your happiness should be above others, but you don’t know that suicide is even going to make you happy, but I promise you that it will hurt at least one person if you die. You may not feel that way, but I am here right now telling you that I care. There is probably someone else, no there is definitely someone else that loves you, and you probably don’t even think that they know you exsist. Staying strong is something that is pretty hard, I know that. Keep reminding yourself of every single reason you have to never give up. BIG or SMALL. Distract yourself constantly, surround yourself with things and people that make you happy. Talk to someone. If you want to you can even talk to me. I may not know you, but I love and care about you and I am here for you always. Stay strong my loves. And remember. I am only a message away