I got all of this online at http://butterflies-for-beauties.tumblr.com/calm-jar-project so no credit to me

A calm jar is just an ordinary jar that has glitter inside. People mostly make these to make little children calmer.
The point of a calm jar it to shake it up, then watch the glitter fall down. While you’re watching, your thoughts will become calmer. Trust me, it works like a charm! :)

This is my own little recipe on how to make a glitter jar. You’ll need glitter, glitter glue, a jar with a lid (I prefer glass), hot water, regular super strong glue and something long and metal to steer it up with.
And now for the steps.
Put hot water into the jar. Fill about 1/3 or 1/4 of the jar.
2.) Start putting the glitter glue and glitter into it. Make sure you put a lot!
3.) Once you’re done putting it inside, use the metal stick or spoon or anything else metal you have to steer it up. Make sure you cut up the glitter glue into pieces, so it doesn’t stay in the long string. You should steer for about 10 minutes.
4.) Put in a bit more water (make sure it’s hotter than the water you put in before!) and keep steering. Put in more glitter if it’s not dense enough, or put more glitter glue if it’s falling down to fast. Keep steering it up and watch as it falls down to see if it’s slow and dense enough for your taste.
5.) We’re almost done! When the water has almost filled the lit to the top, put in a little more (seriously, a little) to fill the top (you can leave a little bit of air). Then, put the glue on the inside of the lid and close it tight. Make sure the lid is properly put in the lid, otherwise your glitter water will keep leaking out.
6.) This last step is always my favorite. The jar is pretty hot right now, so what I like to do it shake it up until my palms hurt and then just put it down on the table/floor, put my head next to it and watch the magic…