Whenever you feel the need to self harm (in anyway) write down that you did self harm on paper. Tell yourself that you self-harmed.  Write as much as you can about the self-harming you “did”   over time it becomes truthful to you, and you start to believe that you really did self-harm. This is do to a subconscious train of thought. We only know the stuff we know because we were taught it. Like that “it hurts to get a shot” if you tell yourself enough (as well as tell others even ) that it doe not hurt you to get a shot, eventually your brain starts to believe it, and shots really don’t hurt you. This project is pretty much the same idea. Convincing yourself that Eating is starving and Exercising(or any other activity) is purging your brain starts to believe it causing you to have an easier time in recovery!

****This could be problematic, not highly suggested